MHRMI and United Macedonians Contribute to Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Toronto, Canada (December 17, 2009) -- Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) and the United Macedonians Organization of Canada (UM) participated at the December 1, 2009 roundtable discussion organized by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The goal of this meeting was to help develop content and exhibits for the new Museum, due to open in Winnipeg in 2012.

MHRMI and UM contributed numerous examples of oppression against Macedonians, both past and present. A focus was put on current human rights abuses against ethnic Macedonians by Greece and Bulgaria, in an attempt to raise international attention and according to the Museum's mandate, inspire a commitment to "taking action against hate and oppression".

MHRMI and UM specifically asked that:

1. Current and lesser known human rights abuses be highlighted
2. So-called "Western nations" be exposed for abusing their minorities' rights
3. Countries who are signatories to international human rights treaties be forced to abide by them.