Macedonian-Canadian Participates in Olympic Tourch Relay

On December 18th 2009, 13 year old student Christian Andonoff of Toronto had the extraordinary honor of running solo in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. Christian carried the Olympic Flame for approximately 300 meters along the 45,000 kilometer journey of the Olympic Flame - right in the heart of East York. His route was on Overlea Blvd, by St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral.

Christian is a National gymnast who simultaneously balances training hours with numerous extra-curricular endeavours including commitments to additional organized sports at varying competitive levels (hockey, soccer, baseball), piano, chess and an academically gifted education program. He competed in two Ontario Winter Games (2006 & 2008), two Rising Stars tours(2007 & 2009), was one of two Ontarians on 6-man Canadian Gymnastics 2007/2008 age group National Team (Argo A) & was 2008 Gymnastics Ontario Provincial Champion – National Argo B 10-12yr. His current goal is to compete in the 2014 Youth Olympic games & continue with his recent CIT (Coach in Training) initiative working with younger kids.

Christian's parents are from the villages of Trsye and Banitsa from the Lerin region of Aegean Macedonia. As a Canadian of Macedonian descent, he is very proud of his roots and hopes one day to visit Macedonia.